Connect Your Business With Leading Talent at 1/5th the price of US equivalents

Talent Connect is the leading talent & recruiting agency, specialising in overseas hiring
Working with Talent Connect has been a pleasure. I was struggling to find good outbound marketers & with the teams help we were able to stockpile my agency with overseas talent
Arjun - Retentium
TalentConnect helped me find project managers to make sure coordination was fantastic in my company. We also hired a couple social media managers to keep social proof running
Jake - Refer Curve
Talent Connect helped me hire for administrative tasks like inventory management & customer support. It was a complete value overload. Not only did I get talent at 1/5th the cost, but I also managed to find some gems
Steve - California Apparel Group
With a team of almost 500 folks, I’m always looking to hire. At first, I was adverse to overseas hiring, but I needed someone for data entry. Talent connect helped me find a star & now I’m addicted
Prashant - Puretech Digital
60% of American Companies Hire Overseas
Don’t let them gain the competitive edge over you
  • Delegate Administrative Tasks To Allow Your Core Team To Focus On Growth
  • Connect the communication gaps in your business with Expert English speakers
  • Spend More Time With Your Family As Your Daily Tasks Slowly Disappear
Gain Leverage Over Your Competitors
Don’t let them gain the competitive edge over you
  • With More Time & Extra Cash In the Bank, You Can Invest In High Leverage Growth Points Like Community Building & Marketing
  • Provide Better Customer Support To Enhance Experience
  • Fill Your Business With 5 Types Specialised Talent At The Cost Of One American Hire
Yes, Finding Talent Is Hard.
However, we’ve been doing it for years for our own companies.
  • Community Hackers has over 30 folks from India & The Philippines
  • We have an expert team of recruiters in these locations
  • Powerful Vetting System
How Does Our Process Work?
Tell us about the hire you want to make. We’ll understand your business & get to know you
We’ll start creating our talent connect portal & search for 3 candidates suited for the job
We then make you interview each candidate. You can chose your favourite one.
We will have a training period to integrate them to your businesses systems. Then, you pay us a one time fees or retainer depending on your preferred service.
Lower Your Costs By Over 90%
Here are some of the roles we can fill
Customer Support
85% savings
Executive Assistants
90% savings
Personal Assistants
88% savings
Ready to work together?
We’ll connect you to amazing remote talent with our TalentConnect System
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